The place where I try and find some words to express my love of and for Brittany and Santana

Note: This is an old page; a collection of scattered thoughts about an issue that is near and dear to my heart. While the comments don’t fit the current storylines (Go away season four, you don’t exist), I think it’s important I leave this as it is. Hopefully it allows others to get a sense for who I am, where I come from, and how I feel.

Because it doesn’t make sense even to me.

  • Mostly, I love this idea of love. The perception that there’s one person out there for all of us, not necessarily a soulmate, but someone who we forge an unbreakable bond with through shared experiences and emotions. Santana loves Brittany, and Brittany loves Santana. This isn’t something that is instant, but has developed over time to be the imperfect, indescribable thing that love is.
  • Opposites attract. Majestic mean girl Santana and head-in-the-clouds Brittany. Santana is a different, softer person with Brittany, and Brittany is more mature and more confident. They feed off each other’s energy, and support and raise each other to be better people than they raise themselves. Their relationship is so overloaded with encouragement for the other, for Santana to be honest with herself and with others, for Brittany to act as intelligently as she’s capable of being. They are so different, but they complete each other in the most perfect way.
  • Santana Lopez. For one reason or another, I find myself drawn to this character and to Naya Rivera. Her struggle to come to terms with herself while keeping her bite and edge, regardless of the specifics has bitten me and has refused to let go. Santana’s story is something I have connected to on a deeply emotional level, and Brittana is an immensely large part of that story.
  • Brittany Pierce. I don’t love her like I love Santana, I admit that. At the same time I am entirely unable to picture either girl with anyone else. Brittany loves Santana, everything she is, and wants nothing more than to be able to express that love to the world. Her carefree attitude is inspiring, and her instant acceptance of everyone around her is something humanity should really take a look at.
  • The outcome. I know in my heart, without a second of doubt, that these two are meant to be. Fictional characters be damned, they’re far more real to me than most of my daily acquaintances are. When these two get together and all the drama and the doubt and the fear are finally laid to rest… the idea of what that love is, it makes me tingly and incredibly happy to imagine.
  • The influence of society. Least importantly, but important enough to acknowledge, is the obvious mention of what this storyline means to the LGBT community, and more importantly to America’s acceptance. I’ve always felt a far closer relationship with the LGBT community than I have with anyone else. I was lucky enough to grow up in an incredibly gay-friendly country, under a mother that supported everyone equally and without discrimination. Not everyone has that same luxury and through continued support and action that is something I truly believe can be changed. Stories like Brittana, and the general message of Glee is so important and effective in spreading an attitude of acceptance and tolerance among a less than tolerant community.

It comes down to love. Beyond all else, Brittana is a story of love and of two people falling in love and struggling through its complexity. That, in its most simple terms, is why I love Brittana.